"The result of improving Devastator. Has even more strong arms, capable of decapitating the head of any human who ever dares to get near this monster. Can provoke long-ranged earthquakes which can damage anyone from any distance, or pretty much like it."
―Official Description

Titan is a very dangerous boss. He can provoke long-ranged earthquakes that damage pretty much like anyone from any distance, although the damage varies according to the distance between the player and the zombie itself. If the player gets very near, he will die due to his very powerful punches. Although it's powerful, he's very slow, to the point that even a Heavy can escape.

Those starts to appear by Rank 66. Savage Titans appear by Rank 80.


Health: 120000 (Normal), 3600000 (Savage).

Damage: 9999 (Normal's Punch) / 1 to 999 (Normal's Earthquake); 19998 (Savage's Punch) / 1 to 1998 (Savage's Earthquake).

Resistances: Physical (75%)

Weaknesses: None.

'Attack Speed'One punch per 1.5 secs / One quake per 30 secs (Both forms)

Element: Physical (Both attacks).

XP given: 2000 (Normal), 7400 (Savage).


  • Since this boss is very slow, attacking from long distances can be good, but don't think that you wouldn't receive damage. Titans provoke earthquakes a lot, meaning that you would receive small damage, but lots of times. You must have, at least, some decent regenerating, or a Medic in your team if it's in Multiplayer.
  • When there are Titans with Extra Fast modifier, you must run as soon as possible, as the distance would be shortening faster than normal, thus, increasing the quake's damage.
  • Savage Titans are a must to run when he's getting near, since the earthquake's damage is twice than the normal Titan's quakes.
  • Savage Titans with Extra Fast modifier are deadly, because you could take big damage, capable of killing you like as if it was a Loaderbot near you.
  • Dark Minion and Extra Strong modifiers won't affect the earthquakes. Either way, a good physical resistance can protect you from the quakes, that can be deadly as long the Titans keep "evolving". Some decent regenerating, or a good healing (if you're a Medic) can heal the damage provoked by the Earthquakes.