"Heavy shockwave platform designed to keep enemies out of an area. Excellent for area denial, not so much for actual killing."
―Official Description

The Type-10 Typhoon is a heavy support turret manufactured by Hellstorm. Adapting a massively powered-up version of Hellstorm's pressured-air shot into a static platform, it does very poor base damage, but knocks back enemies massive distances. It lends itself well to survival maps where players can stay in one area due to its massive ammunition capacity and knock-back and can even be used to tear apart zombies at choke-points by splattering them against the walls.

Statistics Edit

  • 25 damage per shockwave, [RED] variant increases to 70. Shockwave hits all zombies in a four metre radius of the turret.
  • Shockwave knocks back zombies up to seven metres depending on how close the zombie is to the turret. Collision with objects during the knock-back process will do damage proportional to how fast the zombie is moving.
  • Fires one shockwave per second.
  • Has an ammunition capacity of 100 blasts. [RED] variant increases to 200.
  • Cannot be bought. Found in loot drops in levels.

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