"One of the smallest weapons Hellstorm has integrated its canister shot into, the Type-1 is capable of bringing enemies to a grinding halt with a concentrated airblast on impact. An extended clip allows the Whirlwind to keep enemy operations at a snail's pace for extended durations."
―Official Description

The Type-1 Whirlwind is a pistol manufactured by Hellstorm. A dedicated support weapon, the Whirlwind makes up for its poor damage ability and pierce with a generous clip size and an ability to slow the movement of zombies. Although it does not affect large zombies and bosses very effectively, it is invaluable for slowing Runners and Stalkers to allow for teammates to mow them down with greater ease.

Statistics Edit

  • 60 Physical damage per shot. [RED] variant increases damage to 130. Hits one zombie.
  • Maximum firing rate of eight rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Capacity of thirty rounds. Reload speed is 1.8 seconds.
  • On hit, slows normal-sized zombies for 30% of their maximum speed for two seconds. Large zombies are slowed for only 10% of their maximum for one second.
  • No movement penalty.
  • Regular ammunition is infinite (if not infinite, base cost of 30 credits for 200 rounds), high damage ammunition costs 120 credits for 200 rounds. [RED] variant ammunition multiplies cost by a factor of ten.

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