Type-3 -RED-

Type-3 -BLACK-

"A pistol with a specialized canister projectile as is standard for Hellstorm, the Dust Devil is proof that even a shot full of hot air can be dangerous if it's pressurized enough."
―Official Description

The Type-3 Dust Devil is a sidearm manufactured by Hellstorm. The Dust Devil has extremely lackluster damage (as its canister payload is simply highly compressed air) and a low capacity, but has a quick reload time.

However, the Dust Devil has a very large blast radius due to the resulting explosive decompression of canisters upon hitting their targets, and can additionally stun enemies, which allows it to fulfill a crowd control and support role for players who specialize in other styles of dealing damage. Players using sniper rifles can use the Dust Devil well for covering their reloads, while on the other side of the spectrum, rocket launcher users will be able to bunch up and subsequently massacre large groups.

Statistics Edit

  • 25 Thermal damage per shot. [RED] variant does 40 Thermal damage. [BLACK] variant increases further to 60 Thermal damage. Blast radius is 2.50 metres.
  • Deals 20 Thermal damage over one second. [RED] variant increases to 60 Thermal damage over two seconds. [BLACK] variant increases further to 90 Thermal damage over two seconds.
  • Blast can hit up to twelve enemies.
  • Has a maximum fire rate of eight rounds per second.
  • Has a twelve-shot clip. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Reload time of 1.50 seconds.
  • Blast has a fifteen percent chance to stun enemies for half a second.
  • No movement penalty.
  • Ammunition cost is 40 credits for 200 rounds of ammunition or 160 credits for 200 rounds of High Damage ammunition. [RED] ammunition multiplies cost by ten. [BLACK] ammunition multiplies cost by fifteen.

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