"A larger variant of the standard Type-4, the Macroburst's canister rounds have been altered to an extremely highly pressurized air round that can blow a person clear across a room. The handling of the weapon is more cumbersome, but general consensus is that the additional support power is well worth it."
―Official Description

The Type-4C Macroburst is a highly advanced assault rifle manufactured by Hellstorm, and a variant of the Type-4 Downburst. Effectively an intensified Type-9 Derecho, the Macroburst can quickly disperse large hordes with its knockback ability and adequate fire rate. Its high capacity provides an additional boost to this ability, although reload in the standard variant is on the sluggish side.

The Macroburst is best supplemented with heavy single-target weapons as the weapon itself has lackluster damage compared to its parent due to its modified ammunition, being primarily a support weapon for teammates.

Statistics Edit

  • 50 Physical damage per shot. [RED] version increases the damage done to 120. [BLACK] version increases the damage done further to 180.
  • Shots knock-back zombies in a one-metre blast radius. The magnitude of the knock-back decreases the further away the zombie is from the explosion. Maximum knock-back is one metre. [RED] version doubles blast radius and maximum knock-back. [BLACK] version increases blast radius and maximum knock-back by a further fifty percent.
  • Seven shots per second. Full-automatic firing mode.
  • 80 rounds of ammunition. 2.8 second reload time. [RED] version has 2.5 second reload time.
  • -18.0% movement penalty.

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