"Hellstorm's flagship weapon, an assault rifle refined over the few years it has been in production into a comfortable and forgiving firearm with a dependable 8 millimetre canister round that can be adapted to almost any situation."

The Type-4 Downburst is an assault rifle manufactured by Hellstorm. An easy to use weapon that slots snugly in between the CM 401 Planet Stormer and Ronson 65-a in ability, the Downburst lacks many of the fancy mechanics of other Hellstorm weapons (and, unusually for a thermal weapon, lacks damage over time) but does not possess any particular weaknesses either. It is well-suited to general use as it can be reliably brought into any situation that presents itself.

The Downburst's only weakness lies in its versatility. While it has no explicit weak areas, it also lacks any distinct strengths, and so it often does a poorer job than a specialized weapon would in many roles.

Statistics Edit

  • 160 Thermal damage per shot. [RED] variant increases damage to 280 per shot. [BLACK] variant increases damage further to 420 per shot.
  • Can hit up to two enemies per shot. [RED] and [BLACK] variants can hit up to three enemies per shot.
  • Nine shots per second. Full automatic firing mode.
  • Fifty rounds of ammunition. 2.25 second reload time.
  • -10.0% movement penalty.
  • Approximate drop rank is 12. [RED] and [BLACK] approximate drop rank is 55.

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