Weapon Conception
- Type-5 Tornado -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 200 | 380 | 570
Total DoT/Projectile [?] N/A* 7.5 | 20 | 30/2 seconds per level
Pierce 2.0
Rate of Fire 18.0 RPS
Capacity 36 rounds
Reload Time 2.30 seconds
Movement -3.0%
Firing Mode Full Automatic
Weapon Class Sub-Machine Gun
Damage Type Physical/Thermal*
Approx. Drop Level 38 | 95 | 95
Ammo Used [?] Thermal SMG Ammunition
Additional Stats
Can be upgraded with Tenacious
"The Type-5 ditches fancy canister shots in favor of sheer weight of fire. The results are terrifying to look at for the two seconds or so that the weapon is able to fire."
―In-game description

The Type-5 Tornado is a sub-machine gun manufactured by Hellstorm.

Easily surpassing other SMGs for damage output, the Tornado is purpose-built for hit and run skirmishing. Its high fire rate and damage allow for its wielder to get in, spray fire, and get out before they are retaliated against, with the weapon's negligible weight helping matters further and with the option of dealing even more damage even after the fact with upgrades in the Tenacious augment.

Unfortunately, the Tornado, while as destructive as its namesake, also lasts about as long as one. If forced into extended combat, the Tornado will often spend more time reloading than shooting and prove to be much more inefficient than other SMGs.

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