Type-6S, standard variant.

"After a lengthy series of fierce debates between Hellstorm and Shotlite over the "Tempest" weapon name trademark, Hellstorm relented and renamed their design the Hurricane. The design differs enough from the early production Type-6 that it was designated a separate variant."

The Type-6S Hurricane is an automatic shotgun manufactured by Hellstorm. It is a hardier, slower version of the Type-6 Tempest on which it is based, competing more with mobile LMGs than other automatic shotguns.

As the Hurricane's damage is spread between a much larger amount of pellets, it is more difficult to use at long range than other shotguns. However, at short ranges, it can rapidly out-damage many other weapon types.

Statistics Edit

  • 50 Thermal damage per pellet. Fifteen pellets. [RED] variant increases damage to 80 per pellet. [BLACK] variant increases damage further to 120 per pellet.
  • Pellets do not pierce enemies.
  • Deals 30 additional Thermal damage over two seconds per pellet. [RED] variant increases damage to 50 damage over two seconds. [BLACK] variant increases damage further to 75 damage over two seconds.
  • Six rounds per second. Full automatic firing mode.
  • 40 rounds per clip. Three second reload time.
  • -28.0% movement penalty.
  • Approximate drop rank is 38. [RED] and [BLACK] variant approximate drop rank is 85.

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