"Originally a canister shot design to compete with the Hard Thorn, the Tempest was marred by controversy after Shotlite and Hellstorm went for each other's throats out of conflict over its name trademark. Largely replaced by the Hurricane, Tempests are however favored when mobility is of a higher concern."

The Type-6 Tempest is an automatic shotgun created by Hellstorm. Directly created to compete with the Hard Thorn, the Tempest offers superior damage dealing ability and capacity at the expense of gun handling when the two are directly compared.

The Tempest is best used much like other automatic shotguns, where its ability to deal thermal damage as well as minor damage over time gives it a special niche compared to other designs.

Statistics Edit

  • 60 Thermal damage per pellet. Eight pellets. [RED] variant increases to 100 Thermal damage per pellet. [BLACK] variant increases damage further to 150 Thermal damage per pellet.
  • Shots do not pierce zombies.
  • Deals 30 additional Thermal damage over two seconds per pellet. [RED] variant increases damage to 80 over two seconds. [BLACK] variant increases damage further to 120 damage over two seconds.
  • Six rounds per second. Full-automatic firing mode.
  • 30 rounds per clip. 2.6 second reload time.
  • -16.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition cost is 160 credits for 100 rounds, and 640 credits for 100 High Damage rounds. [RED] ammunition multiplies cost by ten.
  • Approximate drop rank is 25. [RED] and [BLACK] variant approximate drop rank is 70.

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