The Type-7, standard variant.

"Using a specialized 17 millimetre incendiary canister shot, the Firestorm is less for covert duties and more for sowing chaos on the front-line while its user stays safe away from the action."

The Type-7 Firestorm is a large and powerful sniper rifle manufactured by Hellstorm. Designed with a long range crowd control duty in mind, the Firestorm fires slowly, but packs a vicious projectile that not only does heavy damage but creates an inferno hot enough to cause infected to ignite one another. The resulting devastation is enough to bring down even the toughest of targets.

The Firestorm is an excellent companion for players running extensive damage improvement modifications, but is a reliable primary weapon for all roles provided it is not taken into close quarters where its movement penalty and low firing rate will hamper its use.

Statistics Edit

  • 500 Thermal damage per shot. [RED] variant increases damage to 900. [BLACK] variant further increases damage to 1350. Hits up to three enemies per shot.
  • Creates an inferno centered on any enemy hit. Inferno lasts for eight seconds and deals 500 Thermal damage per second. [RED] variant increases inferno damage to 750 per second. [BLACK] variant increases inferno damage further to 1075 per second.
  • Deals 400 Thermal damage per second for three seconds to infected that come into contact with other infected under the effect of an inferno. The effect is reset if the victim touches another inferno-affected enemy. [RED] variant increases damage to 550 per second. [BLACK] variant further increases damage to 825 per second.
  • One shot per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Ten rounds of ammunition. 2.60 second reload time.
  • -30.0% movement modifier.
  • Approximate drop rank is 55. [RED] and [BLACK] variant approximate drop rank is 115.

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