"13 millimetre canister shots and an immense capacity allow the Maelstrom to launch a seemingly-endless fusillade of carnage. You may wish to bring a rain-coat for the downpour of zombie parts."
―Official Description

The Type-8 Maelstrom is a late-game light machine gun manufactured by Hellstorm. The Maelstrom embodies all the qualities of a strong machine gun: It has an excellent rate of fire, a titanic capacity and a vicious fragmenting canister shot allowing it to pound infected into bloody chunks. Its downsides are its prohibitively expensive augmentation costs, and its incredibly late appearance - the Maelstrom will not begin appearing in crates until Rank 75 and it does not have a [RED] variant, although it can be argued that the Maelstrom does not need one due to its sheer power.

Statistics Edit

  • 160 Physical and 190 Thermal damage per shot, 125 Thermal damage per canister fragment. Four fragments per canister.
  • Fragments will fly 3 metres before disappearing.
  • Twelve rounds per second. Full-automatic firing mode.
  • 250 rounds of ammunition. Four second reload time.
  • 35.0% movement penalty.
  • Can be augmented with Tenacious. Canister fragments will gain 30 Thermal damage over 2 seconds per level.
  • Ammunition cost is 240 credits for 200 rounds or 960 credits for 200 High Damage rounds.

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