"Originally a design for a less-lethal weapon to be used in riot control, the Derecho quickly proved itself to be much more dangerous than hoped and was promptly relegated from police to military hands. The resulting modifications have resulted in a weapon capable of splattering human-sized targets against obstacles with frightening ease."
―Official Description

The Type-9 Derecho is a shockwave launcher (considered to be a rocket launcher by game mechanics) manufactured by Hellstorm. A heavy support weapon, the Derecho fires a large air-blast instead of a rocket. Any enemies that come into contact with the air-blast are sent flying backwards, taking damage if they collide with an obstacle.

The Derecho is best used in confined areas and choke-points where it can use its knock-back to best effect, but a backup weapon is a necessity for fighting bosses and large enemies as the Derecho can only push back so much weight with its blast.

Statistics Edit

  • Air-blast fans out over a forty-five degree arc.
  • Deals 200 Physical and 100 Thermal damage per air-blast. Air-blast can pierce up to ten zombies. [RED] variant increases damage to 350 Physical and 175 Thermal. [BLACK] variant alters damage to 787.5 Thermal damage per air-blast.
  • Zombies hit by the air-blast will move three meters in the direction the blast is traveling. Bloater-sized enemies only move one metre and bosses are unaffected.
  • Capacity of twenty shots. One shot per second, semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Three second reload time.
  • Movement penalty of -25.0%.
  • Approximate drop rank is 38. [RED] and [BLACK] variant approximate drop rank is 85.

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