Weapon Conception
- Typhoon -
Statistical Info
Weight 3.1 kg
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 275 | 490 | 730
Pierce 3.0
Rate of Fire 12.0 RPS
Capacity 200
Reload Time 3.6 seconds
Movement -6.0%
Firing Mode Full Automatic
Weapon Class Light Machine Gun
Damage Type Physical
Approx. Drop Level 36 | 85 | 85
Single DPS [?] 3300 | 5880 | 8820
Pierce DPS [?] 9900 | 17640 | 26460
Ammo Used [?] Physical Machine Gun Ammunition
Additional Stats
Rare weapon
10% built-in critical chance
Pinpoint augment doubled in effectiveness
"Formerly a popular machine gun design thanks to its light weight and in-built aim assistance, the Typhoon was pulled from production after a particularly controversial battle with Hellstorm over claims of the weapon using tech stolen from them. Typhoons are hard to come across now, but are still savagely powerful weapons."
―In-game description
The Typhoon is a light machine gun manufactured by Shotlite. It is the predecessor of the Supermarine.

The Typhoon plays very similarly to the Supermarine with some small differences, as the Typhoon trades some fire rate and reload speed for additional damage and capacity. As both weapons have very similar damage values (the Typhoon trails the Supermarine slightly) either weapon can be used interchangeably with little difference.

The primary difference of the Typhoon is its in-built critical chance of 10 percent, which allows it to edge out the Supermarine slightly in damage over time and serve as a useful weapon for players that focus on criticals. It additionally receives an additional bonus from the Pinpoint augment, improving its role further and allowing it to get a whopping 50% critical rate with a highly skilled critical build.

Unfortunately, as the Typhoon was pulled from production, they are quite rare to find in Strongboxes compared to other weapons. Trying to make an attempt to get the Typhoon specifically will likely require large amounts of patience despite its early appearance for its power level.

Trivia Edit

The Typhoon is named after the Hawker Typhoon, a World War II-era fighter-bomber used by Great Britain.

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