"Dark Minions made laughable."
―Their motto
Tytusoft Limited (shortened sometimes to TS Ltd.) is a contracting company that hires out contractors to other companies. These contractors will assist the company that hired them in making one or more of their weapons into a TST (Tytusoft Technologies) series weapon. TS Ltd. specializes in making anti-boss and anti-Dark Minion variants of weapons made by their contractors. They are based in Hardings, a planet in the Don'tpmyourfriendsatnightbecauseyou'llaccidentallybeadicktothemandtheymightunfriendyou system.

History Edit

Tytusoft Limited was founded in the year 2956 on the planet Hardings. At first, they planned to manufacture their own weapons, but they lacked the money, resources, and personnel to do so. The founder of the company, Augustus Maniculus Haitus, came up with the idea to hire out contractors to other companies for profit.

Weapons Edit

TST 20 Striker of Darkness


TST Destructive Vindication

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