" 5 United zombies lived so long, their flesh joined, creating this monster."
―Official Description

The Unision is a five-faced zombie of doom. It moves at a Player Relative Speed of 0.6, increasing by 0.2 for each face that is destroyed. The body has 10000/300000 HP, randomly walks around when there are no faces, and has no skills. It also does 3000 damage to anything it attacks and can attack once per second. It comes on the mission The Zombies meeting place.

The Ultra FaceEdit

This face can only be damaged when all the faces are destroyed. 15% universal immunity, 40000/1200000 HP and the following super-ultra-mega-deadly powers are sure to make an unsuspecting SAS member little more then a smear on the wall.

Ficephtsicalmech bolt: Fires a mechanical flaming stone/ice bolt that freezes for 2 seconds, Electricoutes for 2 seconds, burns for 2 seconds, and does 2000 damage. Only used when the Ultra Face is the only face left.

Die pl0x: Does 2000 damage to a random player no matter what.

Re-re-re-regurgitate: Regurgitates the rugurgitators it rugurgitated 3 times already. They have 3x all stats but movespeed.

Physical FaceEdit

No one likes a 30% Physical Resist, 15000/450000 HP, and some pretty strong skills.

Physical Bolt: Does 4000 damage.

Rock Chuck: Chucks a rock at you. This does 1500 damage and turns into 8 splinters when it hits something, each doing 300 damage.

Robo FaceEdit

50% Lightning Resist, 15000/450000 HP and the following powers.

Lightning Bolt: Fires a bolt that does lightning on the target for 10 seconds.

Light of Ning: All players screens go white for 3 seconds.

Inferno FaceEdit

50% Fire Resist, 15000/450000 HP and the following powers.

Fireballs: Fires a barrage of 3 fireballs that each do 600 damage and burn you for 4 seconds.

EXPLOSION!: Sacrifices 1000 HP to do 200-2000 damage to all players.

Frost FaceEdit

50% Frost resist, 15000/450000 HP and the following powers.

Bolt of Frost: Fires a bolt that freezes the player it hits for 12 seconds. Frozen players cannot rotate or move, but can still attack.

Call of the Yeti: Calls in 7 runners.

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