"Essentially space rats (that look like velvet worms/lampreys), Vermin are a species native to Thera. Even though their homeworld is destroyed, they are in sufficient numbers to infest every world in the Transystem of the Orion Spur. It is believed that the zombie virus is zoonotic, and came from these beings."
―Official Description

Vermin are fast, wormlike enemies that appear in several levels throughout SAS4. They come in two main varieties (not including elites): Normal and Savage.


Savage vermin have 10× all stats except for movement speed and turn speed.

  • Health: 500 HP
  • Attack Damage: 350 HP Physical
  • Turn Speed: 720 degrees per second
  • Movement Speed: 10 metres per second
  • Drop Chance: 1%


  • Vermin do not show much of the symptoms of the virus other than extreme aggression.
  • They also have very high spawn rates in the Vaccine mission and others that take place in spaceports. Better start farming those drops~!
    • You may think that, since their home planet was destroyed, the Vermin is an endangered species. However, Vermin breed like rabbits, and some of them carry the virus. Considering the sheer spawn rate of Vermin in spaceport-based missions, this should tell you that there are a LOT of uninfected Vermin out there.
  • Vermin are not considered bosses, but minibosses. Like zombdroids.

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