"Originally designed to take out vehicles, this weapon fires huge bladed discs that can punch through six inches of hardened steel before exploding deep inside their target. Alternatively, the discs can be set to be dropped out the back as a nasty surprise for infantry."
―Official Description

The War Crime is a hybrid rocket launcher / mine layer manufactured by Rancor. An antimateriel weapon adapted for use against the zombies, the War Crime has multiple unusual mechanics. Instead of firing a rocket, the projectile fires a massive circular blade. These blades can pierce through large amounts of zombies, and explode if they hit a zombie after hitting their pierce limit. The blades can also go through walls and will promptly explode if it hits another obstacle or zombie.

The blades can also be laid behind the player as a mine with the right mouse button. These mines have a three second delay before activating, and will explode when a zombie crosses over it. The player cannot have more than twenty active mines at once.

Statistics Edit

  • 350 damage per shot. Explosions deal an additional 600 points of damage in a 2 metre radius. Pierces up to five zombies. Explodes instantly when hitting bosses.
  • [RED] variant increases damage to 600 per shot and 1250 per explosion.
  • Mines do the same damage as the end-of-pierce explosion.
  • Semi-automatic firing mode. Two rounds per second.
  • Twenty round capacity.
  • Cannot be augmented with Capacity or Overclocked.
  • Ammunition costs 500 credits for 75 rounds, or 2000 credits for 75 High Damage rounds. [RED] variant multiplies cost by ten.

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