The Trans-Federation requested to multiple manufacturers to collaborate together on a massive project. They will create a giant death machine to annihilate zombies, and assist the SAS force. The Trans-Federation will be responsible of cost, security, and everything else while the companies build the machine.

They tried their best, but eventually, the virus has found its way into the and unexpectedly mutated far more advance than they could imagine. At the same time, an EMP was released, weakening the defenses of the warehouse and the Armored Fiend's systems. The same infected data that corrupted the Zombdroids entered the Armor Fiend, and took control of it.


Warehouse intro

Example of the menu.


Rough idea for the map layout, not to scale.

You start next to the dropship. After, move up to talk to NPCs, who'll fill you in, and open the door.

Enter it.

You'll then be trapped in the warehouse when everyone enters the room. There'll two Mounted HIKS M1000s, one in each bottom corner of the room.

There'll be also 4 zombies turrets (similar to the ones in Power Out) in the center of the room. You can hack them (which is really, standing on them and wait for the hack to complete, like in Data Retrieval) to make under your control. They'll have the same stats as the CM Supernova, but with infinite ammo.

Main Idea Edit

The Warehouse is a special event that lasts for a week. Appears ONCE. It's the first 'special event'/'tech event'.

It's different from other forms of matches, as you can play with 7 other players. A total of 8 players per game.

Very simple task; kill the boss. Which is the Armored Fiend.

To gain a high replacement, you need to kill the Armored Fiend quickly. The less time your match takes, the better your score is.

Restrictions Edit

To prevent P2Wness and no-lifers winning, there's restrictions.

  • An one-timer event.
  • 5 attempts, and that's it.
  • You must be at least level 50.
  • If you're above level 50, you'll be temporary be level 50.
  • No Championships weapons allow.
  • All your skill points will be reset temporary. You only have 50 points also-so chose wisely.
  • Free power-up boosts to all players in this event.


  • Armored Fiend.
  • Scouts.
  • Soldiers.
  • Savage Loaderbots.
    • The amount of Savage Loaderbots varies. For every 50 levels of the match, increase the number by 1. So, a level 470 match would have 9 Savage Loaderbots. Least possible amount is 1 (level 50 match), and most possible is 16 (level 800 match).

Rewards Edit

You may be wonder, "Well, what's the point of this? I have to tackle an overpowered boss with stupid rules, and then earning crap-ass loot?"

All of it is true, except for the loot part.

Top 1 team:

Dual-Wield · 250 SAS Cred Packs · 5 Black Boxes and Black Keys · 5 Resets · 25 Nantonium Boxes · 5 Thulium Boxes · 5 Elite Augment Cores · 5 Alloy Packs · 5 Revive Tokens · Free boosts for 5 days

Top 2-500 teams:

200 SAS Cred Packs · 4 Black Boxes and Black Keys · 4 Resets · 20 Nantonium Boxes · 5 Thulium Boxes · 5 Elite Augment Cores · 4 Alloy Packs · 4 Revive Tokens · Free boosts for 4 days

Top 501-1000:

150 SAS Cred Packs · 1 Black Box and Black Key · 1 Reset · 15 Thulium Boxes · 5 Promethium Boxes · 3 Elite Augment Cores · 3 Alloy Packs · 1 Revive Token · Free boosts for 3 days

Top 1001-5000:

100 SAS Cred Packs · 10 Thulium Boxes · 5 Promethium Boxes · 2 Elite Augment Cores · 2 Alloy Packs · Free boosts for 2 days

5001 and below:

50 SAS Cred Packs · 5 Promethium Boxes · 5 Neodymium Boxes · 1 Elite Augment Cores · 1 Alloy Packs · Free boosts for 1 day

Other InfoEdit

Alloy Packs works by: (player's level*250) = amount of alloy receive.

The ultimate prize is a tech called Dual-Wield. Hences the name, it allows you to use two weapons at once.


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