"One of Shotlite's attempts at "Thermal" weapons. Why the quotation marks? The ammo is actually is a simple bullet, But the heat this generates is so hot that it stays on the bullet for 5-7 seconds after being fired. And there's a lighter at the tip of the barrel. Allowing for "Torch Bullets". Originally manufactured under the name, "Death's Best Friend", It has proved something more than Death's best friend."
―Official Description

Damage; 225

Pierce; 3.0, 8.0 with Arcing shots, 13 with Piercing 10 and Arcing shots.

Firing Mode: Full-Auto

Accuracy: Very Accurate (80% of shots fired will hit desired target)

Movement: -20%

Reload: 2.99 Seconds

Clip: 40

DoT; 330 over 3 Seconds, 440 over 4 seconds with Poison Bullets 

Class: AR

Damage Type: Technically Thermal, Actually Physical.

Ammo Cost: $120 for 200 Normal Bullets, $180 for 200 Gasoline Bullets (+50% DoT), $360 for 200 Arcing Shots (Arcs 5 zombies, Increases by .5 for each level of Piercing added to the weapon, Also Basically a Gigavolt!), $200 for 200 Poison Bullets (+110 DoT)

Other Stuff Edit

Special: Edit

You can choose to buy from a variety of ammo, THERE IS NO HD AMMO, DoT with even regular ammo.

When you can find it:

Earliest possible, level 15, 0.0000001% from Molybnedum, Keep removing one zero for each higher level of strongbox. Becomes uncommon (Better than super rare) at level 35, At that point you can get it from Steel boxes at most. 

Trivia Edit

The Warhawk is named after a World War II plane named the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk.

History Edit

2999, August 15

Multiple sketches and prototypes were made during this year, Even before Shotlite was formed.

3003, November 2

The First Production Model is finalized, Shotlite was also starting to form.

3007, September 28

Mass-production has started, Years after Shotlite has been formed.

3016, January 1

The "Crazed Man's Shooting' occurred. Weapon now limiting numbers built.

3024, February 14

Another Shooting, Named the "Crazed Traitor's Revenge". Since a soldier did this. Also known as "St. Valentine's Massacre"

3028, April 30

Now only being built in extremely small numbers being suppiled to the Space Marines and the Federation. Banned galaxy-wide.

3104, December 27

Upon hearing of the outbreak, Shotlite is asked to re-mass-produce the Warhawk, For use by the Federation.

The story ends there unfortunately.

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