Weapon Conception
- Warspite -
Statistical Info
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile 170 | 380 | 560
Pierce 1.0
Rate of Fire 30.0 RPS while burst | 0.66 RPS per burst
Capacity 500
Reload Time 4.50 seconds
Movement -40.0%
Firing Mode 20 Round Burst
Weapon Class Laser
Damage Type Energy
Approx. Drop Level 46 | 100 | 100
Ammo Cost 60/100 | 600/100 | 720|100
Additional Stats
Vents steam during reload
"A gamma-spectrum laser weapon originally envisaged to destroy unmanned aerial vehicles. Much like the anti-aircraft guns of old, it is very easily capable of pulping human-sized targets."
―Official Description

The Warspite is a burst-fire laser weapon manufactured by Aeolipile Industries. Like all Aeolipile weapons, it is a massive weapon with design cues taken from steampunk culture.

Compared to the Hotspot, its competitor in the laser weapon category, it sacrifices some of its firing speed and mobility to greatly increase its damaging capability. A Warspite will put out approximately one-third more damage than a Hotspot with comparable modifications.

The Warspite, unlike the Hotspot, is unable to keep up constant fire. Instead, it fires a short-duration beam and then takes a second to build up additional energy for the next beam, giving the beam a pulsing appearance when firing. This does not prevent it from killing effectively, however, as the standard burst is more than enough to kill almost any regular enemy even after taking Elite modifiers into account.

Like most other Aeolipile weapons, the Warspite has a fairly large movement penalty and therefore is best used in a situation where the player does not have to move around extensively.

Trivia Edit

The Warspite is named after HMS Warspite, a British super-dreadnought battleship.

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