The White Eye is a Tier 1 boss that always occupies any EyeZex level, as the first miniboss. The White Eye is a weak foe, but keep your guard up; it has some pretty nasty skills. It has 5000 HP, ignores walls (it just floats over), and does 300 damage with its hit, and moving at a Player Relative Speed (the speed a level 1 player with no negative or positive bonuses moves forward) of 1.2. Savage has 150,000 HP, does 600 damage, and moves at same speed.
White Eye

Decent...For me!


Eyeguritate: Regurgitates 1 Eyzor Worm (3 if savage)

Eye see you!: Locks in on a player with a red target. The target moves at 1.1 PRS (1.5 savage), but if it cant touch you for 5 (10 savage) seconds, it dissapears. But if it touches you, it can use one if its skills after this one...

WhiteEyeDoom1(placeholder): Fires a white laser that has homing at you. This halves your speed and damage for 10 seconds and does 500 damage. 20 seconds and 1000 damage for savage

WhiteEyeDoom2(placeholder): Rips reality, sending zombies from other places to here. This spawns 3 shamblers, 1 stalker, 1 runner, and 3 worms. Double the zombies if savage.

TrueWhiteEyeDoom(death skill; ignores Eye See You!)(Placeholder): Uses WhiteEyeDoom twice and Eyegurgitate thrice.

Entry in Info Article

"An evolution in the virus caused anything it infected to grow large and multiply. It infected an experiment in an abandoned lab, an attempt to create a living human eye that responded to its name, Arestus. It never got finished. All it needed was a little bit of plague...."