Weapon Conception
- X581 Rapidstrike -
X581 Rapidstrike (Updated)
Statistical Info
Ammunition Dimensions 5.56x45mm (about .22 cal)
Ammunition Material DXZ-3919 Ultra-Alloy-reinforced tungsten
Muzzle Velocity 30,000 ft./sec.
Weight 12.5 lbs. (unloaded)
15 lbs. (loaded)
Accessories (all integrated)
XB209 Targetter scope (up to 6X magnification)
XA295 Fragmenter shotgun
XB557 Defender shield
Base Stats
Damage/Projectile Main Gun: 4000
Shotgun: 800
Pierce MG: 6.0
S: 4.0
Projectiles / shot [?] 8
Rate of Fire MG: 10.0 RPS
S: 8.0 RPS
Capacity MG: 60
S: 6
Reload Time MG: 2.20 secs.
S: 2.30
Movement -15.0%
Firing Mode MG: Full-Auto
S: Semi-Auto
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Damage Type Physicalico Physical
Approx. Drop Level 140
Ammo Cost $800 for 200
Single DPS [?] MG: 40,000
S: 51,200
Pierce DPS [?] MG: 240,000
S: 204,800
Ammo Used [?] 5.56x45mm TNS Rounds
12-gauge TNSG Rounds
Additional Stats
Shield has 10,000 physical defense, 8,000 thermal defense, 5,000 chemical defense, and 9,000 energy defense.
Shield adds 10% to movement penalty when deployed.
Press "G" to deploy/ retract the shield.
"The X581 Rapidstrike is designed for very quick maneuvers and is capable of blowing off locks with its underbarrel shotgun. Great for special forces and large armies alike, this weapon is handy for almost any situation."
―Official description

-For the [TRANS-SYSTEM] variant, see X581 Rapidstrike ([TRANS-SYSTEM]).-

Overview Edit

The X581 Rapidstrike is a powerful full-auto bullpup assault rifle built by Terran Armory. It features an underbarrel shotgun and a folding shield as its accessories. It has a locking system just like all Terran Armory stuff that can be programmed.

Trivia Edit

  • TNS Rounds stands for Terran Network Standard Rounds, and TNSG Rounds stands for Terran Network Shotgun Rounds.
  • This gun and the M4A1 TFU are the standard-issue weapons of the UNT.
  • The name of this gun was inspired by the Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18.
    • In fact, during development, the X581 was codenamed the Rapidstrike MS-60.

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