" Xenon Battleship is a term that can apply to any of 6 classes of Xenon Warships. Ranging from the light, quick Wasp class, to the gigantic, tough Rhino class. Each ship is manned by expert Xenon crewmen. Few can match these ships in combat, and thankfully the biggest threat to these ships is Koprulu ships, which are allied with Xenon"

WASP: The Wasp class is a class of light battle frigates. Mainly used to make quick strikes on enemy defenses, these are rather deadly in a swarm. Each one is 500 yards long and 200 yards wide. Not very big in the grand sense. They all have 12 Light Plasma cannons, and 50 Angel of Death machine guns.

SWALLOW: The Swallow class is a class of light scout ships. Bigger than the Wasp class, but not by much, these are the fastest ships in the known universe. Traveling at a maximum of 4 times the speed of light in a hyper jump; they can easily slow down for combat. Each one is armed with 16 Light Plasma cannons, and 76 Angel Of Death machine guns.

VULTURE: The Vulture class is a class of medium battle frigates. These ships are half a mile long, and 500 yards wide. They are the second most common Xenon ship. Armed with 500 Medium Plasma cannons, 250 Angel of Death machine guns, and 25 proton torpedoes, these ships are a force to be reckoned with.

HAWK: The Hawk class is a class of heavy battleships. The most common Xenon ship, are not to be messed with. They are armed with 1,000 Heavy Plasma cannons, 250 medium plasma cannons, and 100 light plasma cannons. They also have 150 quad mounted anti air Angel of Death machine guns. They also have 50 tons of space to planet napalm bombs. They are nicknamed the planet destroyers for a reason. Each ship is a mile long, and half a mile wide.

EAGLE: The Eagle class is a special class of Xenon Warship. It is the second smallest ship, only bigger than the Wasp. It specializes in stealth. It can turn invisible, and sneak past defenses. It has the same aranment as the Swallow class.

RHINO: The Rhino is the biggest Xenon warship. It is 3 miles long and a mile wide. The Equalizer (Xenons flagship) is of this class. It has double the armament of the Hawk class ships, and an added 500 proton torpedoes.

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