" You are the Xenon Destroyer. You are the most powerful presence on the battlefield. In groups, you feel uncomfortable. Yet alone, nobody can match you. Now, go join your brothers."
― Valon Wu, training Sargent for xenon, to all Xenon Destroyers."

An upgrade to the Heavy class. Utilitizes rocket launchers and grenades more then anything. Has one skill replacement over heavy. This skill replaces hold the line.

Rockets and bombs and grenades oh my!: increases damage and radius of all explosives by 2% each level

"Mr. Johnson, training is going well. However, a few soldiers don't seem to be assault troops. Considering they are all clones, this is quite odd. We've come up with a place for these bigger, stronger troops. We call them Destroyers."

Said to Lawrence Johnson by Valon Wu, the training Sargent

"Interesting. Make more of them. Many more. I like the sound of them."

The Xenon Destroyer is the heavy troop of the Grand Xenon Army. He fights well in a group, but really shines when in command of a squad of his smaller brothers.

replied Mr. Johnson

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