"The Xenon Squad Car is more of a tank then an actual car. Armed to the teeth, with heavy armor to match, this is able to shrug off even the heaviest enemy artillery without much damage being taken. the weakest point is the back of the chassis, where the door is to let the troops inside get out."
― Official Description

Health: 25,000

Defense: 5000 physical, energy, chemical and thermal defense. The back end only has 2000 defense to each.

Offensive weaponry: one Deaths Door on top, 3 gun ports on each side, each one with a Phalanx or a SuperSoldier. 2 auto aiming and firing MK.72 "Hotshot"

Defensive Weaponry: 2 smoke bombs launcher, activated by pressing j, one shockwave cannon, activated by pressing c, and an auto repair mechanism that slowly repairs the vehicle.

The movement speed is at 135%

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