"Fires deadly grenades and excels at room clearing."
―Official Description

The Z-7 Grenade is a grenade launcher manufactured by Z-Armtech. Much like other Z-Armtech weapons, the Z-7 appears as a decrepit version of a present-day weapon, in this case an RG-6. It is the starting primary weapon for the Grenadier class.

Although it possesses good burst damage for its level, the Z-7 has very poor splash range and damage compared to other explosive weapons as well as a dismal ammunition capacity. The Z-7's projectiles bounce off of surfaces and take two seconds to detonate, much like thrown grenades.

Statistics Edit

  • 300 damage per grenade in a 0.80 metre radius. Hits up to eight zombies with the blast.
  • Two rounds per second. Semi-automatic firing mode.
  • Six shots per clip, 3.50 second reload time.
  • -30.0% movement penalty.
  • Ammunition costs 350 credits for 50 rounds, or 1400 credits for 50 High Damage rounds.
  • Does not have a [RED] variant.

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