Zombdroid Assholeault
The Zombdroid Assault is a new type of Zombdroid in SAS4 Expansion. They're faster, tougher and stronger than the Zombdroid Servant, though not long ranged like the Zombdroid Soldier. It looks like a black Zombdroid Servant holding 2 knives. Savage version looks like a red Zombdroid Servant with 2 swords.

Section headingEdit

  • 7000, 220000 HP. 
  • 700, 3000 Melee Damage
  • 0.5, 0.4 sec melee attack cooldown
  • 0.6m melee range
  • 300, 1000 XP rating
  • 360 degrees per sec turn rate
  • Dashes 3 meters towards the player at speed of 10 meters per second, then stops for 0.5 seconds. 
  • 1% drop chance
  • First appears at level 65, 90.
  • Once taken 1000 (70000 savage) damage, its left arm will be destroyed, throwing its knife towards the player, piercing any players and doing 40 (60 savage) damage per frame and doing 750 (800 savage) damage after leaving the player (knife moves at speed of 6 meters per second), and reducing its attack cooldown to 1 (0.9 savage) second. Once taken 3500 (150000 savage) damage, the same will happen, and now he has no arms, so it'll attack by biting you. The bite does 200 (500 savage) damage and has 0.8 (0.7 savage) seconds attack cooldown.

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